When Fleeing Other crew , crew ‘s Save Our Ship Passengers Sewol

SEOUL - In the middle of the ferry tragedy in South Korea (ROK ) , the crew ( ABK ) became the center of family scolding passengers due to leave the ship that was sinking . But there is one crew that became heroes .

At least seven of the 29 crew Ferry Sewol currently reported missing or dead . Those who are missing or dead were known to give penyelemat jackets to passengers . Even the crew refused to leave the ship , because he wanted to help the student who is on that ship out .

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But a passenger , Koo Bon - Hee admits not enough life jackets available . Himself lucky to be able to save themselves .

Park Ji - Young is a brave crew Sewol provide assistance to students on board for up to the last minute . When busy saving passengers , Park is known not to use a float . Tragically , Park found in a lifeless condition .

A witness told the Yonhap News Agency , Park shouted to the students that the crew will remain on board until all passengers get out . According to witnesses , Park said that he will continue to help other passengers .

Another explanation mentioned by So- Hyun Ahn , whose husband is a crew of Sewol Ferry . When communicating with her ​​husband last Ahn , Dae - Hong Yae , via cell phone , he recounted the last words of her husband .

" His last words were , ’ I ‘m trying to save the children ’ , " So- Hyun Ahn said , as quoted by the Associated Press , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

The children in question are students who have contributed to the passengers of a boat carrying 476 men. Moreover the presence of the husband of Ahn So- Hyun is still not known .

Sewol Ferry sank on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 last . Currently the death toll reported more than 100 deaths , while approximately 200 others are reported missing .


Commas in Taiwan, migrant workers Sihatul Returned to Indonesia

Sihatul Alfiah ( 27 ) , migrant labor Banyuwangi district , which is in a coma in Taiwan will be returned to Indonesia . Hamlet Rumping RT 01 RW 04 Desa Plampangrejo , District Cluring , Banyuwangi , has been in a coma for seven months .

" Repatriation Sihatul planned next week . Then Sihatul will be placed and treated at the General Hospital Blambangan , " said Agus Heri Susanto , Head of Technical Services Implementation Unit Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers , Department of Labor and Transmigration, Population of East Java , Banyuwangi , Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .

Agus come to Banyuwangi to review the readiness of space and facilities for inpatient Sihatul .

" From being delivered to the hospital , and facility space is adequate because it is equipped Sihatul tool to support life , " he said .

For information , Sihatul already working in Taiwan 13 months in a coma due to illness while working cattle ranch belonging to his employer . He had to undergo treatment at the hospital since 22 September 2013 .

Repatriation Sihatul based recommendations that take care hospitals in Taiwan and also a request from the family . According to Agus , based on the information it receives , Sihatul into a coma due to a brain stem death . This condition makes Sihatul life expectancy is very small . The mother of one child ‘s life just by breathing braces and other medical devices .

Agus said the cost of the return Sihatul be paid for by the employer , agency , and corporate employment Indonesia ( agency) is dispatched .

" From the employers , agents and recruitment agencies will provide assistance NT 600,000 ( approximately USD 227 187 000 ) . Was the cost of repatriation and care in Indonesia , " he said .

Only , the cost of care while in hospital will not be borne entirely by the employer and the recruitment agency . That is , if the money runs out , then hospitalization Sihatul family dependents .

Meanwhile , Head of Social Banyuwangi Regency Natural S Sihatul Sudrajat sure to include the health insurance program . This was done so Sihatul can get free treatment in hospitals Blambangan .

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"We’ll try if it makes Jamkesnas or Jamkesda . Anyway, the family should not be burdened , " he said .


USD1 , 13 billion , Microsoft Data Center Build

Microsoft reportedly building a new data center in Iowa , United States . The company ‘s software giant to pay $ 1, 13 billion .

Reported by Neowin , Sunday ( 20/04/2014 ) , Microsoft announced officially on Friday . Website Quad City Times reported that the location of the data center or data center is located in West Des Moines .

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The data center previously rumored to be in the early phase of development with the code name ” Project Alluvion ” . Reportedly , the data center occupies an area of ​​154 hectares .

Construction of the data center spent five years , which is divided into four stages . That said , there will be new jobs in the local country and help Microsoft push web portal for online services .

Local authorities and local Microsoft will offer a total of USD87 million fund for investment , research , sales tax credits and refunds to help with the project .

Microsoft has invested money under the $ 1 billion in Iowa and with the data center , the total investment reached $ 2 billion . The total fund is the largest in the history of a single company in Iowa .


SBY Conscious Participants electability Democratic Convention Not tall Jokowi

Chairman of the Democrat Party Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono acknowledged , the survey showed that 11 participants electability Convention Democratic Presidential Candidate low . Elektabilitas convention participants , said Yudhoyono , has not been as high as three presidential candidates touted as a strong presidential candidate , Joko Widodo , Prabowo , and Bakrie.

" The survey shows electability convention participants is low , not high Jokowi Pak , Pak Prabowo , and even Mr. Bakrie. We encourage them ( convention attendees ) really transform and improve elektab , ilitasnya , " Yudhoyono said in a video uploaded Democratic Voice account through Youtube , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

If electability convention attendees can not be boosted , Democrats will know yourself .
However , more screaming , a sosol eleventh convention attendees who have the potential and ability , as well as empirical experience to be involved in governance .

" Just how the increase electability . And where when Democrats with 10 percent of the vote , as well as a recent survey shows later this month electability convention attendees are not high enough and can not compete with top-tier candidate , we know ourselves , " said SBY .

Yudhoyono said , if the Democrats finally can not carry its own presidential candidate , will decide where the support will be provided .

" Last month , the convention attendees debate in Bogor , I told convention attendees , if Democrats won a voice that is strong enough , 15 percent , are very likely carries its own candidate , " said SBY .

Currently , based on a quick count a number of institutions , predicted Democratic vote totals in the range of 10 percent . Related coalition , Yudhoyono said , Democrats chose a more calm demeanor at the time other political parties began to maneuver and exploratory coalition .

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" We did the mapping of the new political map after the legislative elections so that in time can take a good position for the Democrats and the people . Insha Allah I will convey a complete view of the Democrats in the near future , " said SBY .


2015 Google Smartphone Ready to Release Ara

After the release of Module Developer’s Kit ( MDK ) for Ara project last week , Google is now rumored to be releasing Android updates to devices Ara in December , followed by the release of the first smartphones in January 2015 Ara , as reported by gizmodo .

Ara Project allows users to configure the purchase in a variety of ways , including custom colors , images , and of course where the required components in the device . Also available in 3D texture molds , which can produce the desired module corresponding users .

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Google experimenting with the mobile phone customization tool for Moto X Moto Maker , so you can expect a much more complicated version of the Christmas Project fig .

I hope that Ara will be a smartphone that can be used for 5-6 years , during which the user can change the CPU or the camera as needed . It is better than having to buy a new device .

Ara also has the potential to drastically change the smartphone , including a number of third-party applications .


Smartfren flush 4 Smartphone Market with New Andromax

Four Andromax latest smartphone launched by Smartfren back . Officially today ( 16 / 04 ) telecommunication service provider based on advanced technology of CDMA EV - DO Rev . B Phase 2 was launched Andromax C2 , G2 Andromax Smartfren , Smartfren Andromax i3 , and Andromax i3s .

Fourth was presented Smartfren latest products to meet the public demand for advanced multimedia smartphone with support for the latest features and affordable price . To all the smartphone has received support packet data and EV-DO connectivity of Smartfren .

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" We are proud of the achievements in the first quarter of this year which puts Andromax as one of the best-selling smartphone in the middle of the competition with foreign mobile phone vendors . To that end , we are now re-launched several new variants of Andromax , ranging from series C2 , G2 , I3 and i3s , presented to answer the public demand will be a multimedia smartphone with support for the latest features , the data packets are profitable , and of course the price is affordable , "said Djoko Tata Ibrahim , Deputy CEO of Commercial Smartfren .

Latest Andromax Smartfren

Briefly unfolded Andromax C2 meurpakan Android 4.3 Jelly Bean smartphone orchestrated by a dual - core 1.2 GHz Cortex A7 . Other specifications include Rp749.000 berbanderol smartphone 4.0 -inch screen , 3MP camera , 1500 mAh battery , and support of Dolby Digital Plus audio .

The G2 comes with immersing Andromax specifications are not less interesting , Snapdragon processor used is a 1.2GHz Quad - Core Cortex- A7 with the Adreno 302 graphics , 4GB of internal memory with 512MB of RAM and operating system Android 4.3 Jelly Bean .

In addition Andromax G2 also uses 4.5 -inch FWVGA screen or larger than the predecessor series and also two quality 5 MP camera and 1.3 MP . Andromax G2 has a battery with a capacity of 1750 mAh .

Andromax G2 is available in three colors: white , black , and blue , and offered at a price of Rp 1,199,000 , with the prime Smartfren card and direct users get a free packet of data 600 MB for 7 days .

In addition to the above two smartphones , Smartfren also launched two other recent variants included in the series Andromax I, the i3 and Andromax Andromax i3s . Striking difference of the two series is on the design and the manufacturer of the device . Andromax i3 brings a more elegant design and professional while Andromax i3s design brings a fresh and casual .

For matters of both processor equipped with Quad Core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor Cortex A7 , with the Adreno 302 graphics . Andromax In memory sector Andromax i3s i3 and comes with an internal memory capacity of 4GB with 1GB of RAM . No less interesting , the two smartphone also comes with a screen of 5 inches qHD IPS and embed audio system Dolby Digital Sound ( i3 ) and DTS Audio ( i3s ) are expected to be able to provide the experience of playing games or simply enjoy multimedia to be different . For Andromax i3 battery has 2000 mAh and Andromax ability i3s 2200 mAh and is also equipped with a 5 MP camera LED Flash and 1.3 MP front camera .

Package Smartfren Andromax Andromax i3s i3 and available in black and white and offered at the same price of Rp 1,499,000 , - ( excluding VAT ) (incl. VAT ) SIM Card with Smartfren , users immediately receive a free packet of data 600 MB for 7 days .

In four new series of smartphones has been buried Smartfren advanced technology from Qualcomm , the Snapdragon Audio + technology to improve the sound output is generated , and the Snapdragon QuickCharge that can make the process of charging the battery 30 % faster .


Political Money Starting from Elite

Candidates for legislative initiatives considered to be one cause of the rise of money politics in the 2014 General Election . Reason , legislative candidates was the most interested in getting the votes to win the election .

The opinion was delivered by Professor of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Airlangga Ramlan Surbakti , when contacted on Tuesday ( 15/4 ) .

" The first initiative ( for money politics ) is due to the interest of the candidates selected , right , candidates , " he said .

Candidates undertake a variety of ways , including the politics of money , to get more votes than any other candidate in a political party . Therefore , the proportional electoral system with open lists , candidates can get a seat if the sound is achieved much more than the other candidates from the same political party .

The condition is also an opportunity for voters to vote for the candidates sell . The proof , not a few people who openly asked for money to candidates . In fact , patently waiting for ” dawn raid ” of the candidates .

According to Ramlan , candidates will not dare handing out money if there is resistance from the community . ” So , does this happen because of money politics is no transaction , offering candidates and the people also ask , ” he said .

On the other hand , salaries of election officials from Group Organizers Voting ( KPPS ) , Voting Committee ( PPS ) , to the District Election Committee ( PPK ) has not changed . Low salaries were allegedly also opens the opportunity do the diversion of election officials , such as manipulating sound . The candidates can offer great rewards to the officer candidates with sound inflated compensation .

Similar delivered Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Gadjah Mada University , Yogyakarta , Ari AAGN Dwipayana .

According to him , the rise of money politics in elections triggered by the proportional electoral system is open . In the system , the candidate with the most votes is entitled terbanyaklah to parliament . It makes the competition very tight antarcaleg , including internal competition within the party .

" Systems ’ free fighting ’ that candidates tend to do everything to be able to vote, " said Ari .

To minimize this, Ari proposed , the role of candidates in the campaign reduced . The campaign should be coordinated by a political party that antarcaleg unfair competition can be reduced .

There is no sanction

Meanwhile , the Chairman of the party winning elections Nasdem Ferry Mursyidan Baldan actually considers indecision election management practices as the cause of the rise of money politics . So far, there is no strict punishment given election management to the parties that money politics .

" Should the organizers , both the Commission and the Election Supervisory Body , to act decisively against the findings in the field of money politics , " he said .

The candidates found guilty of money politics during the campaign should be sanctioned cancellation of candidature . Similarly, for the selected candidates who are convicted of money politics .

Yesterday , Election Supervisory Board of Yogyakarta also investigating allegations of money politics associated with Rp 510 million secured Police South Mountain , a few days ago . The money was secured from a car that also contains rookie campaign props lawmakers from any party .

" We are still processing the alleged crime of election -related findings , " said a member of Bawaslu DIY , Sri Rahayu Werdiningsih .

Sri Rahayu said it had to call seven witnesses related the incident . They are three people in the car that contained money , a person claiming to be the owner of the money , as well as the three candidates .

People have no choice

Mejing Hamlet , Village Ambarketawang , District Limestone , Sleman , Yogyakarta , although local people have installed the banners that essentially refused to take the money , the candidates still seek to money politics .

" We still missed , " said Chief Hamlet Mejing YB Rahmat Eko Suprapto .

According to Rahmat , the night before it happened pileg money politics . Most people did not dare refuse him finally offered money .

"Well how else , urging economic necessity is indeed the case , " said Ret , of Kampung Parung Benying , Sarua , Chester , South Tangerang .

Telling a number of people there , a number of candidates Parliament , through a successful team or utilize sub-district staff , conduct ” dawn raids ” . In fact , the night before the election , a lot of successful teams that have left the envelope containing the money . The amount varies from Rp 15,000 to Rp 30,000 . Not counting the amount of funds disbursed to community leaders .

" Yes , his name was given money , we reject cook , " said a mother who earn Rp 15,000 from the candidate ‘s campaign team Parliament .

Few residents who claimed to have three to four envelopes containing money ” dawn raid ” . Every successful team visited , the people were always pretend not have a choice when approached timses .

Mode also appealed to the people who use the roads needed to build the facilities residents , such as road paving .

" We are , anyway , have fun alone . It instantly made ​​real sacrifices candidates , not promises . However , a matter of choice in the election , yes , submitted to the conscience of citizens, " said Budi , a resident of Pamulang Two .

Residents Cirebon , West Java , is also generally regarded as the candidate who has a lot of money . Therefore , people tend to use that moment to submit a proposal or request money directly .

It was recognized Radi ( 33 ) , a resident of Village Sunyaragi , District Kesambi , Cirebon . ” There are eight candidates who come to my hometown . They come up with reasons of friendship . There are also people who came to the house one by one . Of those I asked for an envelope . Therefore , they had dared nyalon , so it must have money , ” said the man of three children who daily pedaling the rickshaw .

According to Radi , from the first , each time the general election had also distributed the money . Among the common residence even TIN expression , short for ” Nomere Pira , Wani Pira ” ( what number , how dare pay ) .

Candidates need to educate

Senior Research Pol - Tracking Mustasya Tata Institute emphasizes the importance of the candidates to really want to educate the public .

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Tata confirms , in Indonesian culture , a public official is always positioned above the common people . ” On the one hand , public officials will be honored , but on the other hand have to give up something , ” he said .

Candidates have to educate the public . ” The process that had to be traversed to reach a mature democracy , ” he said .


Police chief killer targeting couples arrested in 2 days

West Java Police chief Insp Gen M Iriawan can immediately target the perpetrators arrested couples , Didi Harsuadi ( 59 ) and Anita Anggraeni ( 51 ) .

Special team comprising of Police of West Java , Bandung Polrestabes , and Polsekta Bandung Kidul , now hunting down the perpetrators .

" The team had gone to a certain place to find the culprit , " said Iriawan in Bandung , West Java , on Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) . Problem number of actors , Direskrimun former Jakarta Police have not been able to conclude.

" Clearly actors have started to be tracked . , But initials and the actors ( actors are today ) I will not mention it," he explained .

Within two days , he hopes the perpetrator can be arrested soon to account for his actions .

" Hopefully in a day or two we can open the veil rather than a motive for murder , " said Iriawan .

About the murder , he himself had not been able to ascertain whether or not a special relationship with the victims . But the alleged perpetrator is known to the victim .

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" Yet we are sure , clear ( actors ) are familiar with the victim . We do not know the people closest to or not , " said former police chief of the NTB .


DG Kemeperin tepis Cheap Car Spend the fuel subsidy

Cheap car LCGC growth continues to increase , creating a new discourse . Of which initially presented in order to reduce fuel subsidies , even considered adding fuel subsidy spending .

From the beginning , when the government agreed to launch the program LCGC , revealed , that the user will not be LCGC cheap car drink petrol subsidies ( Premium ) . Another fact speaking , cheap car cool even users using Premium .

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However , the government through the Director General of High Technology-Based Industry Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia , Budi senior official revealed , that cheap car not affect the fuel subsidy .

" The new low-cost car market absorbs about 1 percent growth , of the total national car market . So not affect the volume of subsidized fuel consumption , " said Budi interrupted opening Mitsubishi Parts Center , in Cibitung , Bekasi , West Java ( 11/4 )

Budi was predicted , even if the growth will continue to grow cheap cars , most only up about 15 percent . But still , the government will strive for the user tersu cheap car to use fuel with a minimum octane rating 92 ( PERTAMAX ) .


Calculate Internal Nearly 10 Percent, Anis Instruction Cadre MCC Recapitulation Guard Sound

PKS President Anis Matta instructs party cadres and sympathizers escort and supervise closely recapitulation is currently underway at the level of the Voting Committee .

Recapitulation of the PPS prone to errors and irregularities . Therefore , the whole structure of the party , cadres , and the PKS candidate must participate in securing a voice so that deviations can be prevented . This was conveyed by Anis in Jakarta , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) , as quoted by Antara .

Anis said , all forms of cheating should be reported immediately so that the democratic party which so far has been running safely and smoothly is not tarnished . Related to the vote by a count MCC quickly reached 7 percent , Anis expressed optimism that figure could be higher based on the results of the General Election Commission official later .

Based on the calculation of ” real count ” conducted an internal team of MCC , according to Anis , party sound while approaching 10 percent . The numbers are still volatile and not stable . However , it is optimistic of votes and seats will be higher than the MCC MCC voice in the 2009 elections .

Anis appreciate the solidity of cadres , sympathizers , and the party machine working optimally so that the various predictions about the decline in voice MCC indisputable . Predictions that mention sound MCC will go down based on various surveys , according to Anis , even to make the spirit of volunteers to work hard to build the party .

He said he has been accustomed to such predictions . It ‘s not debilitating , just whipped MCC cadres to work harder .

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Based on the stage of the 2014 elections , recap on PPS will take place from April 10 to 15 , the national recapitulation May 26 to 6 , and the establishment of a national election results May 7 to 9 Determination of the number of seats and candidates nationally elected to city / county on May 11 to 18 May 2014.